SK RC AvatarHello My name is Sterling Krone,

Day job, night school, entrepreneur, RC prototyping, all while
starting a company to bring RC electronic parts and airframe
development to the US. Join me here on my journey. We will use 3D printers, CNC mills, CAD software, PCB boards, micro controllers and more.

More about me: Sterling Krone

I am a graphic designer/web programmer/photographer turned electrical engineer. I know; quite the big difference.

Some of my background: I grew up around computers and have always loved working with them, I learned about computers from growing up with a Dad that also has a huge passion for computers. My graphic design and artistic skills come from my mother who was the art major in college. So I am a mix of the two, ending up somewhere in the middle.

I have been doing graphic design and photography since 2006 and still really enjoy doing it. But, I found myself working long hours at a desk and not moving every much. The photography side gets me up a little. But, specializing in product photography, I don’t get up and move as much as i would like. I found myself longing to work on projects with my hands and not always be creating with software. So that’s where my passion for electrical engineering comes into play. I get work with my hands prototyping and creating new technology and doing some design and computer work to tie it all together.


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